flint audio video events

Potter League

A good place to start in describing the good deeds and network of organizations in which Flint Video associate would be the Potter League. It makes sure that animals receive a measure of humanity. An example of the service and purpose within the organization is their Heart and Sole Walk for Animals. The idea behind this event is simple in its trifecta on the pet-owning world. It’s all about walking while raising funds to save lives. Moreover, this annual event is not just about protecting the lives of vulnerable animals. It just happens to be the biggest campaign of this nature in the entire state of Rhode Island. It all starts in the county of Newport and Flint Audio and Video is proud to be a supporting member of the cause.

The Norman Bird Sanctuary is

Of course, Flint Video and Audio is a supporter of more than just one major event to save and protect the lives of animals. Just like pets enrich the human condition for those people who own them, wild animals do the same thing when they are observed in their natural habitats. For this very reason, The Norman Bird Sanctuary stand as a nature preserve to save and protect the lives of these animals. Even though the whole point of a preserve is to maintain the primal aesthetic glory of an environment it doesn’t just happen. There have to be fundraising events held to provide for its upkeep. For this, there is the Bird Ball, which Flint Audio and Video glady support.

Swipe for a Cause

Sometimes, doing good business and making sure to share the proceeds all around is simply not enough to help society grow into something better. In cases such as these, Swipe for a Cause does everything it can do to ensure that businesses have the technology at their disposal to easily give to charities and programs. Flint Audio and Video has a close association with Swipe for a Cause that can only be described as a win-win scenario. Every time someone improves their lives with a purchase of services or products, a portion of the proceeds are funneled into programs like HopeHealth, Save the Bay, and Animal Rescue. With these two powerhouses working together, there are only good things to come from the collaboration.

Seamen’s Church Institute

Most people know that one the best ways to help one’s self is to help everyone else first. To this end, Flint Audio and Video does its part to protect the entire world’s interests by making sure that mariners have a good work and living space. This assistance to the sea-going community happens through the support of the Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI). As stated clearly on the SCI website page, the world depends on Mariners. So, it is a good idea to give them all the help they need to continue in their work. This organization has all kinds of useful information. Even though it may look like there is no association between Flint AV and the SCI, the connection definitely exists.