Making Rhode Island a Better Place to Live

Portsmouth High

Who loves the kids more than Flint Audio and Video? There are several replies in answer to that question. However, some businesses show their support more than others. In the case of Flint AV, the former is definitely more true than the latter. When businesses in the arena of trade and commerce contribute financially to institutions of learning it takes some of the administrative and executive stresses that the professionals in the field of education face everyday. Keeping schools like Portsmouth running smooth and safely is not only a priority from Flint Audio and Video. It is an honored and continued tradition surely to last for years to come.

Portsmouth Patriots

What is the one thing that Flint Audio and Video just might like as much as it loves the kids? Again, there several replies that properly answer that question. But, one thing is for sure. Ther Portsmouth Patriots have got to be pretty high on the list. And, why shouldn’t they? Year after year, players on the Patriot’s roster display some of the best qualities found in the human spirit within every game they engage. They make the entire state of Rhode Island a better place to live with their enduring spirit and sport effort. With no problem at all, Flint Audio and Video gives all that it can to this school and team.

Rogers High

Just as in the case of organizations that do all they can to improve the lives of animals, Flint Audio and Video supports more than just one high school. On the list of schools that receive a helping hand from Flint AV, Rogers High molds and shapes young minds with the best of them. There are several different kinds of physical activities offered to students to keep their bodies as healthy as the minds they develop. Rogers High has a mission and promise to provide quality education, and Flint Audio and Video is equally committed to seeing these things come true.

Child and Family

Certainly, Flint Audio and Video cares about the animals, the environment, global and local communities, and schools as well. And as a business, it gives in more way than one to make sure that as many people as possible benefit from the blessings of good commercial trade. However, there is one sure fire way to bring all these works together. It happens to be focusing on the core concept of adding value to the families of a community. That is why Flint AV staunchly supports the Child and Family organization, which holds two important believes. The first states that individuals and communities thrive when they have the support of substantial families. The seconds states that a community functions best when it looks out for everyone that lives in it. Flint Audio and Video feels the same way and gladly gives to charities that serve the Middletown and Providence areas.


Flint Audio and Video is a successful and responsible place to pay a visit, and the Hillside Family of agencies is evidence of this claim. The Hillside philosophy, promise, and mission are all about caring for other people through the sharing of information, resources and service within a trusted network of organizations. Flint AV would settle for nothing less from the establishments it supports. Family, youth, trauma-information, and cultural competence are the guiding principles of Hillside. The promise these agencies bring to life are potential driven and client focused. And, partnership is the cornerstone on which its mission is build. This model aligns perfectly with the Flint Audio and Video business model.