Experienced, Local Dental-Care Professionals

Anyone who has ever had a toothache knows the value of a local dentist you can trust and feel comfortable with. Even if you already have perfect teeth that haven’t given you any problems (yet), the wisest course to keep them that way is regular visits to a Mesa Dentist | Robison Dental Group office. Most people understand that good oral health can have a positive ripple effect on your entire life but many of them hesitate because after all, a visit to the dentist isn’t exactly at the top of their “want to do list.”

There is so much more to dental health than making sure your teeth are cleaned regularly. Every day it seems, new technologies appear allowing the human race to advance and that is especially true in the world of dentistry. Cutting edge, dental implant technology not only allows modern dentists to help you maintain your natural smile, it means you don’t have to settle for what nature gave you because now that can be changed.

Obviously, when dental care is necessary most of us want to be where anything we could possibly need is all handled by staff we’re used to dealing with. Having to see a stranger for oral needs can be unsettling when you’re already under enough stress dealing with dental issues.

The Care-Free Convenience of Modern Dentistry

Many of the services available in a modern dental office weren’t there for your grandparents. Maybe you have even seen a glass full of water with teeth in it at a loved one’s bedside but that doesn’t have to be your fate if you take better care of your teeth before age has a chance to ruin or damage your smile. Here are a few of the options modern dentistry has to offer.

Air Abrasion Technology – The worst part of a dental visit for some people is the sound of a running drill so close to their head. Powered by air, this technology is much easier on the nerves and is actually more precise than old-fashioned drilling with a metal bit.
Digital Dental Impressions – Digital imaging means no more biting down on something that feels like putty in your mouth to get a model of your tooth. Instead, all this technology requires is a light dusting of fine reflective powder so a series of images may be used to create a much more accurate 3D model.
Laser Diagnosis and Treatment – Lasers are used for detecting even the tiniest amount of tooth decay and also utilized in treatment. Gum disease and the removal of cancerous cells inside the mouth are also possible with lasers.

Dentistry has certainly come a long way since George Washington’s famous wooden dentures. Imagine being able to replace old, worn teeth with new implants! Forget dentures, now dental implants are available that replace everything from the root on up. Slight or severe, there are no dental issues modern technology can’t handle.